About Us

We are Tanzanian consultancy, communication, research, training and advocacy firm that takes the adage that information is power to new and holistic heights.

Our premise is that ideas, products, services and “hair” cannot make the world a better place unless communicated holistically for maximum impact. But that communication must be knowledge based.. from a point of power, and this is only possible through enquiries, surveys, research and constant questioning. For organisation, companies and individuals with holistic ideas, products and services that need targeted or mass communication Pamoma is their home. We help in design and execution of workable and effective management, marketing and communication strategies.

We believe that effective communication and stakeholder engagement is directly linked to improving business—productivity, perceptions and performance at the individual and corporate level. For each business, we provide unique solutions as per the needs and market requirements. We work with the Private Sector Business Associations, corporations and not-for-profit organisations across Tanzania, offering integrated communications solutions.

For our portal pamoma.com life is a contest and every participant is a winner. It is about getting the best in your life. Not being satisfied being there, you run, you make your life better and make the world a better place. we believe information is power, information leads to greater development and that knowledge starts from sharing information and that to a big extent information should be shared freely for a better world.

When we come to captivating the body and the mind we are totally unconventional – flying — and those who take the run with us becomes the best in what they do. And make the world a better place. So when you see Pamoma.org think about the best in your life, Best education, Best health, Best music, Best fashion, Best dance, and life fulfilling games, the best you and me.

Our slogan for pamoma.org: Life is a contest
Our Vision for pamoma.org: To be the most fulfilling information logistics website across Africa
our mission for pamoma.org: Taking old and new generations to virtual reality
Philosophy- A voice for everyone