Kenya to host Africa’s First Cyber Security Summit

Nairobi  July 4 2015:

Kenya will host of the first ever Africa Cyber Security Summit (ACSS). The summit to be held in Nairobi at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre, is expected to attract numerous stakeholders as well as government officials from across Africa.

Speaking  on Saturday, the chair of the Africa Cyber Security Summit Centre, Lindsey Achudi, said the upcoming summit is timely due to the current overall security status in the country, which is not only for Kenya but also for Africa at large. “Africa, especially Kenya is very quick to adopt new technologies. This means we should also be quicker in securing ourselves against adversities of these technologies,” she said. Ms Achudi said the level of insecurity in the country has become dynamic with terrorists groups using the internet to propagate their agenda

Lindsey Achudi

Lendsey Achudi

Cyber Security Researcher and Analyst and the Chairperson of Africa Cyber Security Summit 2015