One -Stop Centre recommended for fire rescue services taxes


BUSINESS community in the country has recommended for establishment of one-stop centre for collecting taxes related to fire and rescue services to increase compliance level and improve business environment.

According to Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA), the one stop point for tax collection will greatly reduce corruption that occurs when payments are done at different points.

TCCIA President, Engineer Peter Chisawillo told the Daily News in Dar es Salaam yesterday that following the competitive businesses around the globe, each country should create a better environment for businessmen to compete in the world market.

Mr Chisawilo said that although fire prevention and protection play a vital role in reducing the incidences of fire and associated death and injuries both in domestic and commercial injuries the law should be amended to benefit all parties.

He said according to the legislation, enterprises are required to adequately protect their premises from fire risks and pay the required fees for the services.

“There has been many complaints about the high cost of fire and rescue services and inadequate service delivery by the fire brigade, these costs increase both the financial and opportunity cost of enterprises,” Mr Chisawillo said.

He said the preliminary study indicated that the business community had serious concerns about the increased cost of fire and rescue services, bureaucracy involved in complying with the Act and duplication of the fees charged by regulators which added to the cost of doing business.

He said that TCCIA would continue engaging the government in addressing the challenges associated with the implementation of the law.

TCCIA -Kilimanjaro Regional Executive Officer, Boniface Mariki said that in response to the challenges, the Chamber with support of Business Environment Strengthening for Tanzania engaged a consultant to conduct pre -project assessment of the situation to establish whether the issues raised by the members were significant for the entire business community.